Understanding Emerging Rural India – Part 1

Rural India is an untapped market with the potential to turn a label into a brand, and give strong recognition to the names that lived in anonymity. I, Ajay Adlakha has embarked on the journey to carve the path for the brands that would like to tap this market in full swing.

Introduction to Simplifying Rural Marketing in India

Mr. Ajay Adlakha. Editor-in-chief is here to share his decades experience of Rural India in the series of his video. These videos will give you insight, tips, and case studies that can work as ready assistance for brands to penetrate in the most dynamic market-Rural India. 

The Great Indian Rural Mall – Part 5 | Exploring the Mandis test

In this segment of the video series, emphasis is on Rural Mandi. More than 57 percent of the Rural population can be captured in Mandis. With an eye on the future, it is important to target through right strategies. Watch the video to know how that is possible.

Doubling Farmers Income Reality or Political Stunt

Doubling farmers’ income would require effective contingency plan for bad weather, proper farm credit system, effective crop insurance, affordable input cost, adequate market access, sufficient warehousing and storage facilities and price support. Undermining these factors would lead to failure of this ambitious plan. R&M analyses the scope and prospects of the scheme
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Agrochemicals Industry A Game Changer

The Indian Agrochemicals industry is dominated by insecticides which contribute to 60 percent of the overall demand. Efficient usage of crop protection solutions are the need of the hour. Rural Marketing analyses the challenges which need to be addressed on priority for the sustainable and desired growth of agriculture sector.
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