The Great Indian Rural Mall – Part 3 | Brand Activation Through Rural Sports

Rural India is a fertile ground breeding youth and thus, sports activities are inevitable. Brands who want to position in rural India need to focus on sports events which witness the footfall of over 5,00,000 people. So, watch it and get down to planning strategising and inventing for making your

The Great Indian Rural Mall: Winning markets through Rural Melas

In this segment of the video series, I have highlighted the importance of Melas in rural market. With more than 100 important Melas held throughout the year, crores of revenue can be generated from them. Watch the video to know how that is possible.

The Great Indian Rural Mall – Part 1. How to win big in Rural Haats!!

In this segment of the video series, I have started a new episode – The Great Indian Rural Mall. I have covered how the Rural Haats work and the potential they have in marketing. Watch the video to know how to capture them in an efficient manner.

Entering the Rural with a Punch of Gram Panchayats

In this segment of our video series, I will tell you how to penetrate the rural marketing business and capture the untapped areas which has huge potential and opportunities.

Understanding Emerging Rural India – Part 2

Emerging Rural India is the new focus for many brands who have turned their market and how. In this video gather the info why and how it is becoming the most lucrative area in the marketing plan.